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Posted on June 15, 2012 at 5:54 PM

Due to increased competition in the cable TV and Satellite television industries, major service providers are trying harder to get new customers in the door. Discounted rates, promotional offers, free installation, upgraded channel packages, and many other offers are extended in order to pull in new business. DirecTV is a major service provider and has launched a new series of services that are said to be "Cooler Than Cable". New services are aimed at residents of all income levels, but special deals are offered to customers who switch from their current TV providers and become a DirecTV subscriber. Special cable and satellite preferrences are also given to residents who are low-income, or reside in smaller, more local neighborhoods.

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Cooler Than Cable boasts huge TV packages containing free installation and setup, free 24hr technical support, trial based premium channel packages, and world class, dedicated customer service.

Other major competitors in the industry such as
Dish Network, Time Warner, AT&T Uverse, Comcast, Charter, and Cox Communications have tried similar discounting and promotional strategies, but DirecTV has cornered a huge share of the market with it's $29.95 introductory pricing and free installation/ Free setup. Customers in many of the countries largest cities are making the swith to better service, more channels, and lower pricing. Affordable TV services are once again easy to find.

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Low Income TV subscriptions have exploded with the launch of "Cooler Than Cable". Residents in smaller communities who are typically left out due to poor coverage by large networks and cable/satellite providers are now being reached and can join the masses with premium television services. Premium television services have long been out of reach for many of these residents mainly due to high unemployment, the staggering economy, and high poverty levels in many big cities. Many initiatives have been launched to address rising TV costs, but "Cooler Than Cable" has seemingly made the largest impact for new customers. Lenghts of service have also shown to increase due to lower prices and satisfaction of services.

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